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5 years ago a doctor from Poole hospital recommended Martine for acupuncture as I had a badly pulled illiopsois muscle which she went on to heal plus treat my low mood…..I have now gone back to her for Fibromyalgia/ME Depression and Menopause Symptoms and on my first treatment my mood lifted and I felt 60% less fatigued and with continued treatment I know I’m going to keep getting better and better. I have experienced Acupuncturists before who are not 100% genuine but Martine is the real deal!

Tina G. – Bournemouth
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I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 8 years ago and suffered from the accompanying symptoms that go with the disease. I saw Martine who through massage and acupuncture relieved the pressure and eased the symptoms. I have recommended the clinic to other sufferers as a result of how I was helped.

Fred S. – Ferndown
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I was recommended Martine by a number of ladies for help with falling pregnant. I was made to feel welcome and comfortable during every session. We set out a plan to aid fertility but within a month I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancy was Challenging and at every challenge Martine was on hand to help make them disappear. Bleeding was a regular occurrence and within 24 hours of a session it would stop. My back pain and insomnia was eased and I was able to sleep and do things with my six year old. I looked forward to every session and had planned to go right up until delivery but lockdown was put in place. Thank you for everything you did for me and my girls and helping to keep me grounded during my pregnancy. I would recommend Martine to anyone looking for assistance with fertility.

Kelly C. – Bournemouth
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I’d never been for accupuncture before and was a sceptic when Martine was recommended to me as someone who could help me with my anxiety/panic attacks, but… I couldn’t have been happier and more relieved when she managed to immediately reduce my pounding heart and general physical agitation at my first session! I continued with a number of session to really focus the treatment and am delighted that I no longer have any palpitations and feel much calmer 🙂 Martine was professional throughout, curteous and caring, and I’d highly recommend her services. You’re not tied-in to a number of sessions, so at least have a go and see if she can help.

Gabriela M. – Bournemouth
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I went to see Martine for various different things over a couple of years (physical and emotional) and she has helped me enormously with all of them.

You get a real feeling of Zen when you’re with her. She puts you at ease with her professionalism, confidence and her knowledge and you leave feeling calm and relaxed.

I have not only recommended her to friends and family but I have driven people to see her when they’ve been in too much pain to get there themselves.

If like me you want to avoid conventional medicine, give Martine a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Clare A. – Bournemouth
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Martine is an excellent practitioner of acupuncture: she is thorough, detailed and caring, and her knowledge of the healing process is wide-ranging. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

James S. – Bournemouth
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Martine is warm and welcoming and she was calm, patient, and reassuring with me when I was feeling anxious about the needles. I loved the way she curiously enquired into all the little signposts towards the fundamental source of the problem I was having, until she found clarity. From having a short series of treatments she was able to offer me great relief from an issue that had been chronically affecting me for 4 years, that none of the doctors I had been to see in that time had been able to give me any answers or solutions to. I’m so grateful For Martine and her expertise and I would highly recommend her to anybody!

Rose G. – Devon
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I was very puzzled as I felt that health wise something was not right. I was recommended to visit Martine, which I did. I trusted her straight away and was so impressed with her knowledge and understanding of exactly what treatment I needed. Needless to say I now feel so healthy and reassured that I have a haven to return to should I need to.

Frances S. – Ferndown
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Martine is my saviour. She has treated me for various things, one in particular I had been given antibiotics for 10 times in a year, Martine treated me once for it with acupuncture and it went and hasn’t come back since. I know, I wouldn’t have believed it either!

She’s also been excellent for anxiety & depression over the years, so much so that sometimes I just go and have a treatment as a pick-me-up when I’m feeling a bit flat! You know when you just feel blocked and like you can’t move forwards? She fixes that too.

And don’t say you don’t like needles, no one does! But it’s well worth it. I didn’t believe acupuncture would work when I first met Martine, if I’m really honest! But it does. And way better than drugs.

Thank you Martine x

Justine W. – Bournemouth
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Martine was treating my sciatica, dysmenorrhea and back pain with acupuncture and moxa treatments. She was extremely professional and has a very calming nature, and was excellent at making me feel at ease. I left each session feeling recharged and in less pain, and after a series of 6 weekly sessions, my sciatica hasn’t played up since! Which has also helped with my back pain, and I’ve been sleeping so much better, which was an unexpected result. I would recommend her to everyone; and should I ever need her services again, I know I would be in safe hands.

Lisa K. – Bournemouth
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Martine is thorough, focussed and deeply knowledgeable. Her wide ranging experience means she can offer practical advice to support the healing process.

Linda S. – Devon
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I have been treated for various ailments over the past years Martine is a very dedicated therapist I have no hesitation in recommending her clinic to all

Ray D. – Bournemouth
Anthony WB Review Pic Natural Elements Acupuncture Clinic Bournemouth
Martine’s wealth of knowledge, passion, and unrivalled empathy make her one of the most gifted practitioners I’ve been lucky enough to be treated by.
Anthony WB. – Bournemouth
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I have been seeing Martine over the past three years and I cannot thank her enough as she has helped me physically, emotionally and mentally during that time. I can highly recommend her.

Judith R. – Bournemouth
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I have found Martine’s accupuncture has helped me enormously with the symptoms of menopause – reduced hot flushes that day and decreasing to nothing over a few days. Highly recommended! Having treatment has also helped my daughter with her anxiety related to school.

Sarah B. – Bournemouth
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I’ve been seeing Martine for Acupuncture for a few years now , she’s amazing, her treatments make me feel so much better ! It keeps me calm, energised, and really helps level out my hormones ! It’s the best medicine for me , so hard to explain how fab it makes me feel … just more balanced & calm & better able to cope ! Thank you Martine. X

Annabel N. – Bournemouth
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Martine treated me for Hay fever and I was amazed with the results! After treatment I can go the whole summer without any antihistamines (which I can’t take due to side effects) I would recommend anyone curious about acupuncture try Natural Elements. Very professional and excellent service.

Sam F. – Bournemouth