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“A stand alone medicine or supportive treatment to modern health care, our integrated style of practice brings a deep and transformative balance to your mental, emotional and physical health & well-being. A warm, safe and therapeutic environment; our clinic offers the highest standards of care and codes of practice.”


Martine Niven  – BSc (hons) Lic Ac, MBAcC, DipCHM, MRHCM, DipTn, Dip Paed

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The patient is seen as an individual and our focus is on the symptoms and their relation to one another; finding the root of the problem within that particular patient and treating it. Our practitioner will use subtle techniques & diagnostic tools that have been developed over hundreds of years to build a thorough diagnosis.

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a time honoured tradition and core component of TCM, involving the use of natural plant-based remedies to promote healing and balance in the body. The herbs are carefully selected & combined to create formulas. Each formula is unique, designed to address the patient’s unique health condition & constitution.

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Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is one of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Otherwise known as Chinese Medical Massage, its benefits are wide ranging and very effective. Not only are they effective in the treatment of muscular-skeletal ailments but also, uniquely, in treatments concerned with specific illnesses of an internal nature.

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Mind & Emotion

Chinese Medicine views diseases caused from an imbalance of emotions as “internal causes”. They can arise from an imbalance in emotions such as anger, worry, fear, shock, grief, overthinking, even joy. Five Element Acupuncture has wonderful results in restoring a patient’s mental & emotional health back to a place of equilibrium.

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Children & Fertility

As practitioners of Paediatrics it’s amazing to see the effects that acupuncture can bring when working with children’s conditions. It has been used for thousands of years to improve children’s health and aid recovery from a wide range of illnesses & medical conditions. Considered a speciality, it requires specific training and knowledge.

What You Need To Know


Chan | Zen Mind: Thoughts on Direct Experience and Perceptions; Finding Keys to Happiness and Peace.

Zen or Chan thought encourages the practitioner to study with the whole body and mind.  Through this way of practise the student can develop a direct experience and gain inner peace and harmony.  Chan (the Chinese form of Zen) considers that everything in life is...

Compassionate Eating | Nutrition Advice

Every year I like to take a trip to China to expand my learning in Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts. One year I stayed in   China’s oldest Chan Buddhist temple in Fangshan district - Tiankai Temple. Whilst living there I was introduced by the monks and nuns to some...

Find Yourself | Discover Your Element | with our 5 week course

We often run a 5 Element Course for those that would like to know more about the theories that our treatments are based on, as well as the desire to learn more about the self and our relationship to those around us and the outside world. Take a look below for details...

Chan Meditation Explained

Recently during the lockdown period we have been offering out advice about how to staying calm in difficult times  and ways in which to improve your mental heath and wellbeing . One method we suggested is through Meditation and mindfulness practice. I  thought it...

Harmonising with the Seasons – Autumn

In ancient days people lived in harmony with the elements of nature. They lived according to the seasons, in balance with the ebbs and flows. The ancients new that we are not separate from our environment but are intrinsically linked with it. The patterns that were...

5 Element Course 2020 | Chinese Philosophy & Personal Growth

We often run a 5 Element Course for those that would like to know more about the theories that our treatments are based on, aswell as the desire to learn more about the self and our relationship to those around us and the outside world. Take a look below for details...

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Patient Reviews

Martine was treating my sciatica, dysmenorrhea and back pain with acupuncture and moxa. She was extremely professional and had a very calming nature………my sciatica hasn’t played up since! I’ve been sleeping so much better & would recommend her to everyone.” 

Lisa K. - Bournemouth

Martine is warm and welcoming and she was calm, patient, and reassuring with me when I was feeling anxious about the needles………..I’m so grateful For Martine and her expertise and I would highly recommend her to anybody!

Rose G. - Devon

“I have found Martine’s accupuncture has helped me enormously with the symptoms of menopause – reduced hot flushes that day and decreasing to nothing over a few days. Highly recommended! Having treatment has also helped my daughter with her anxiety related to school.”

Sarah B. - Bournemouth